Mousse Magazine

Since 2006, Mousse Magazine has followed the contemporary art world with insightful feature articles, interviews, conversations and essays. The target audience for Mousse Magazine includes gallerists, artists, critics, curators, collectors and all art enthusiasts interested in contemporary art and artists, and the expression of art in our present cultural context.

Apart from the most current issue of this quarterly magazine, a recommended introduction to Mousse is its Issue 83, The Artist's Artist, published Fall 2023.

This special issue from the magazine contains over 300 pages of selected spotlights dedicated to "influential, yet at times under-represented, artists who spearheaded the languages that are defining our age...Julie Becker, Dara Birnbaum, Andrea Branzi, Vaginal Davis, Lala Rukh, Rosemary Mayer, and Jean-Frederic Schnyder help us to celebrate the perpetually ambitious objective of providing layers of understanding regarding artists' practices and their implications in the present."

Posted on 03.22.2024
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