Virtual Library Workshop: July 29

The ArtCenter Library will be hosting a Virtual Library Workshop on “How to Utilize Your Library at This Time,” on Wednesday, July 29 at 1pm. 
Please join us for a demonstration and Q&A on the following topic:
July 29 – Trends, Materials and Colors: Robert Lundquist, Liaison Librarian

Upcoming July 29th Workshop: In this workshop, we’ll explore three professional color, materials and trends forecasting databases used in the design industry: Stylus, WGSN and Material ConneXion. Discover the latest innovative, sustainable materials and technologies as well as mega trends that inform forecasting. Learn how current social issues are informing the industry. Find out how to access trends reports, search by key topics, download images, and request free material samples for your class projects. Come and be inspired by the latest colors, materials and trends in fashion, product design, packaging, technologies and much more.
This is an informal workshop to help you learn about the resources available at the Library. No prior knowledge is necessary. Please note that the session will be recorded. Open to all students, faculty and staff. The duration of the workshop will be anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

Find the link to the Zoom workshop on the Inside ArtCenter Calendar.

Posted on 07.22.2020
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