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Here at the ArtCenter Library, we are fortunate to be able to offer students one of the most comprehensive collections of print magazines devoted to art and design on the West Coast. The majority focus on visual communication. This gem of a collection contains more than 400 print magazines, the topics of which range from transportation design to graphics, from painting to new media, from culture to sport and across many other disciplines and areas of study at ArtCenter and beyond. We collect key titles in areas such as photography, film history and production, product and environmental design, illustration, graphic design, fine art and contemporary culture. Through this collection we hope to develop visually literate, socially aware and innovative artists, designers and thinkers who will go on to successfully collaborate and create across many disciplines and make a positive impact on our world.

Students can find most of our magazines at the Fogg Library on the Hillside Campus. In addition, 60 titles related to graphic design and illustration are now housed at the (Temporary) South Campus Library in the 950 Building. You can check out most of our magazines, but some rare examples may be Reference or in Special Collections and are meant to be carefully studied in the Library only. The current issues must be used in the library only as well. However, we often have years of back issues that may be checked out just like books and renewed. If you need a magazine that is at a different location than where you are, just let a staff member know and we can transfer the needed materials via a courier.

Our Liaison Librarians, together with other library staff and in consultation with the larger ArtCenter community are continuously working on collection development–conducting assessment, interpreting usage and other data, and purchasing new materials. All of this helps keep our collection relevant, up-to-date and curated to best fit student and faculty needs. To suggest a new title, please fill out a Request a Purchase form.

In addition to the latest issues, the ArtCenter Library’s Magazine Collection includes historically important journals such as Vogue from the 1940s and earlier decades, Ladies Home Journal published in the early 1900s, Life magazine from the postwar era, as well as more recently published influential magazines such as Colors–enabling the study of many titles long recognized for their significance. Students can use our print magazines for visual reference, academic work and historical research. Importantly, our magazines always retain the original ads of their time, making them invaluable to those who are interested in the history of design and advertising.

Looking for inspiration? One great way to come across powerful and thought-provoking images or articles is to simply browse our magazines collection serendipitously. This will often lead you to new discoveries and further explorations! Find and check out titles which appeal to your interests and take them home. As an alternative to exploring our holdings by browsing-the-stacks, you can also search for specific topics in our online library catalog by using the search box at the top of the page. Also, you can always ask for assistance at the Research Help Desk. Whether you are browsing informally or are working on specific class assignments that require library research, the Liaison Librarians will be happy to help you find the best visual resources, journals and magazines from our extensive Magazine Collection! In addition to print, some of our journals (such as Lürzer’s Archive or Digital Creativity are also available digitally, through the Online Resources section of the library website or through the various databases we subscribe to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the Research Help Desk to get guidance in accessing a resource.

We hope you will visit our Magazine Collection at Hillside or South Campus and check out the many titles available to you! Take full advantage of this amazing assortment of print art and design magazines! For specific inquiries, new title suggestions or special requests, please contact Maria Trakovsky, Serials Coordinator.

Posted on 08.01.2018

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