Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of materials are available from the library?
The bulk of materials are books that pertain to the arts. The library also carries a wide selection of magazines, newspapers, zines, games and movies. The collection includes 100,000 volumes; dozens of online databases; subscriptions to more than 400 art, design and popular magazines; over 13,000 videotapes and DVDs; a selection of fiction and expanding collections of zines and video games.

Can I take food and drinks into the library?
You cannot bring food into the library. However, you may bring drinks with sturdy, spill-proof lids.

How do I get a job in the library?
Students may submit an application at any time or when the ArtCenter Library advertises open positions. Visit the Front (Circulation) Desk at the Hillside Campus library to complete an application. If all positions are filled, your application will be kept on file and reviewed again when positions become available.

How do I donate to the library?
You can find information on donations to the library here.

Who is James Lemont Fogg?
This library is dedicated to the memory of James Lemont Fogg (1943-1972). Jim majored in Advertising Design at ArtCenter and graduated with distinction in May 1972. He died a couple of months after graduation. His love for and dedication to this college is commemorated by the generosity of his parents, Philip and Jean Fogg, and by his many friends.

Searching the Catalog

What’s the difference between the Basic and Extended searches?
In the top navigation search box on the ArtCenter Library website, you can toggle between Basic and Extended searches. Items that can be checked out (e.g. books, DVDs, magazines, video games) can be found using the Basic search interface. Extended searches for items in the Basic search plus specific online resources (e.g. databases, e-books, journal articles). For more specifics on what is included in an Extended Search see our Research Guide.

What does the "Request" link do?
Depending on availability, an item can be placed on hold through a Basic search and sent to a specific location where it can then be retrieved. If an item is checked out, the item will be placed on hold as soon as it is returned.

How do I place a request?
Login to your account. Search for an item in the Basic search, and click on the "Request" button/link for that specific item. When the "Request Verification" form appears, choose a pick-up location; the notes and fulfillment due date are optional. Click the "Submit" button to begin processing your request. You will be notified the following day (or when the item becomes available) with the details of your request.

The item I am looking for is not in the catalog. How do I get a copy?
If you were unable to find an item (e.g. books, DVDs, magazines) after searching, you can recommend that the item be included in the ArtCenter Library's collection by completing the Request a Purchase Form. Additionally, if you were unable to find a specific book or article, the item may available through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) at another library. Complete either the ILL-Book Request Form or the ILL-Article Request Form to verify if the item is available at a participating library.

What if I run into the "No matches found" message?
If you don’t see what you are looking for, check your spelling and start your search over. Also, check the books listed to see if any of the titles are what you are looking for. Additionally, you may want to try another search method by changing the "Search by" drop down menu at the top of the screen or changing the location in the "Location" drop down menu.

How do I know if a specific book is available?
Once you search for the book, the book's status is indicated under the "Status" field. The location and call number for a specific book are listed as well. If the book is currently checked out to another patron, you may contact the library to request the item be held for you when it is returned OR click on the "Request" button to place a request.

How do I know if my instructors have placed items on reserve for my class?
Visit the Course Reserves page then search for your class using your professor's name. Click on your course and you will find a list of titles placed on reserve by the instructor. For hard copy reserve items, visit the Library to check out the desired reading. If an electronic copy is available after searching in the ArtCenter Library catalog, you can click the appropriate link to download to your computer. PLEASE NOTE: Some PDFs require an instructor-assigned password to unlock the document.

Check Out and Fines

How many books can I check out at a time?
How many books and items you can check out depends on the kind of patron you are. For a detailed listing of loan policies for the Library's different patron types, see the checkout policies.

Can I check out books if I take a leave of absence for one term?
Students who have completed three terms in good standing, and are on an official leave of absence from the college with an intent to return the following term, may register for borrowing privileges provided that they live in Los Angeles County or an adjacent county. Their Library account must be clear with all books returned and fines cleared.

Do I need my student ID card to check out books?
Yes, every time! However, we will hold the books for you for up to one week so that you can retrieve your card. Alumni and ArtCenter at Night students must present a photo ID as well.

How do I renew books and other materials?
You may renew books by visiting the Library's Circulation Desk, calling 626 396-2233, using the Library's mobile app, or by logging into your online library account.

Can I check out current issues of magazines?

No, but you may check out back issues.
Can I check out movies?

Yes, full-time undergraduates and graduates, faculty and staff may check out circulating DVDs and VHS tapes. Non-circulating material may be viewed on one of the Library's viewing stations.
What is the difference between circulating and non-circulating items?

Circulating items are items (e.g. books, back issues of magazines, videos, etc.) you can check out and use for a period of time depending on the check out policy for those particular items. Non-circulating items (e.g. rare and hard-to-find books, reference books and magazines, current magazines, videos on reserve, etc.) are items which cannot be checked out and can only be viewed in the Library.

Printing and Copying

How do I print?
PLEASE NOTE: Did you know that students are given a printing account with an allowance of $30 every term? If you have any questions about your allowance, visit the library's Front Desk for details.

Printing from an ArtCenter Library computer
(1.) Open the file/document you want to print. When the application opens, select "File" then "Print" then select the printer from the "Printer" drop-down menu. (2.) Click the PaperCut Client (PCClient) icon in the dock. When prompted, enter your username & password. (3.) When the popup window opens, click on the "LAB PRINTING" link then select "Jobs Pending Release" in the left column. (4.) Select "Print" in the Action column on the document(s) you'd like to print, or select the "Release All" button to print all jobs listed. (5.) Pick up your print(s), exit your browser, and log off your computer when finished.

Printing from your own computer
(1.) Go to from any web browser. When prompted, enter your username & password. (2.) When the popup window opens, click on the "LAB PRINTING" link then select "Jobs Pending Release" in the left column. (3.) Select "Print" in the Action column on the document(s) you'd like to print, or select the "Release All" button to print all jobs listed. (4.) Pick up your print(s), exit your browser, and log off your computer when finished.

How to add money/credit
Go to the Tool Crib (by the Model Shop) at the Hillside Campus and ask for a PaperCut card. The card can be redeemed at anytime after logging in to the Lab Printing URL at

How to trade credits
Log in to the Lab Printing URL ( then select "Transfers" on the left menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer credits.

Are photocopiers and/or scanners available?
Black and white photocopiers and flatbed scanners are available at both the Hillside and South Campuses. NOTICE: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.

Library Account

Can alumni use the ArtCenter Library?
All alumni are welcome in the Library to view items but only alumni who live in Los Angeles County or adjacent counties can obtain an ArtCenter Library card to check out items. Click here for more information on ArtCenter alumni account privileges.

How do I log in to my account?
Click on "My Account" at the top of the library home page and choose "Continue with your ArtCenter ID" or "Alumni and guest access continue here."

What can I do with my online library account?
You can renew your books, change your email address or PIN, view and manage your reading history and view library fines and holds. Students, faculty members and staff can access online resources from off campus.

What if I forgot my PIN?
If you're an alumni, guest, or reciprocal borrower, enter the barcode on your borrower's card or 7-digit ArtCenter ID # and PIN. Click "Submit" to login. If you forgot or need a PIN, click on the "Forgot/Request PIN" link on the login page. After entering your barcode # or ArtCenter ID # and clicking "Submit," instructions will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

How do I renew items online?
Login to your account. When the "MY RECORD" page appears, click on the "# Item(s) currently checked out" text link. A list of checked out items from your account should appear. If you have many items checked out and would like to see them listed in the order that they are due, click “SORT BY DUE DATE.” Select the item(s) to renew, then click the "RENEW SELECTED" buttons or if you would like to renew all items, just click "RENEW ALL" instead of selecting items to renew. After clicking on one of the renew buttons, your item(s) will be renewed unless otherwise noted.

How do I clear my reading/item history?
To clear your reading/item history, login to your library account once logged in to the "MY RECORD" page, click on the "My Reading History" link. To delete certain items, check mark the selected item(s) then click on the "Delete Marked" option directly above the reading history list. To delete all of your reading history, click on the "Delete All" option directly above the reading history list. You can also choose to opt out of having your reading history saved at all by clicking on the "Opt Out" link. If you decide you want your reading history after opting out, click on the "Opt In" link and your reading history will be saved after your next checkout. Please keep in mind once you opt out of having your reading history saved, you will not be able to view any previously saved reading/item histories.


How do I login to my account?
For currently enrolled students, faculty and staff, click on the 'My Account' link in the top navigation bar. When prompted, click on the 'Continue with your ArtCenter ID' and login using your credentials. For alumni and guest access, click on the 'Alumni and guest access continue here' link on the 'My Account' page and login using your ID and PIN.

How do I access resources from the Online Resources page from off campus?
For currently enrolled students and faculty, it is recommended you first login using the 'My Account' link in the top navigation bar. After logging in, go to the ArtCenter Library's Online Resources/A-Z List page and click on a database/e-resource link for access. PLEASE NOTE: Check instructions in the e-resource description since access requirements may vary.

Why can't I access certain online resources?
On- and off-campus access to the ArtCenter Library's online resources are limited to currently enrolled students (undergraduate, graduate, ACN, & AC Teens) as well current faculty and staff. Access to these resources is typically denied due to expired accounts, fines, or other holds placed on your account. Login to your ArtCenter Library account to check your status online or visit the Library to verify if your account is in good standing. For any other access issues, contact the Library Help Desk and include details of the problem.

Front Desk: 626 396-2233
Research Help: 626 396-4272

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